Nicole Young

Realtor Associate

After majoring in Marketing and Public Relations at Baylor University, Nicole pursued a successful 10 year career as a fashion model and marketing consultant. Nicole also left her mark by greatly excelling in gymnastics and springboard diving. Hard work, commitment, drive, dedication and sacrifice are the innate characteristics which led to her athletic success and lay the foundation for her unique talent as a real estate agent.

As a Marketing Consultant, Nicole supported a multitude of multinational corporations in a myriad of ways, most notably with brand strategy, product launch campaigns, sales support, vendor negotiations, and customer outreach. These skill sets have provided her with a keen insight on consumer habits as well as the state of the marketplace, which has translated well into the real estate sector, where she is able to advise clients on regional and national trends.

Known for being exceptionally detail-oriented, meticulous, thorough and vivacious, Nicole prides herself in providing round-the-clock customer service. She not only meets, but consistently exceeds clients’ goals and expectations.

Nicole takes great pride in what she does and how she represents herself, and more importantly, how she represents her clients.

Nicole has lived on the beach in Marina Del Rey and Venice the past 9+ years, where her deep rooted love for the beach and extensive knowledge of the westside communities make her the resident expert and go-to agent for this area.

Nicole officially joined the Oppenheim Group in 2016, after several years of looking to Jason as her real estate mentor.

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