The Oppenheim Group Offices on Sunset Blvd.

Uniquely positioned at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Dr., The Oppenheim Group offices are a classically designed open-space environment built to reflect the brokerage’s 125-year history and engender close interaction and synergy between the agents.

Authentic pieces from around the world adorn the walls and shelves, including a Parisian clock from the 1830’s, as well as numerous European antique books, ceramic plaques, and South American copper artifacts. Brick walls reaching more than 35 feet in height and Haringbone flooring create an ambiance of warmth and subtlety. A whisky bar and coffee cart allow guests to enjoy themselves in the office’s living room, while a soft orange glow emanates from the large chandeliers, art lighting, and floor lighting. A custom-designed brass chain-link wall is the only separation in the office.

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